Monday, January 10, 2022

Is Peanut Butter Overused?


This week's new candy review is of the Snickers "Creamy Peanut Butter". As far as I know there has already been another Snickers with peanut butter, and in fact I would argue that just about every single major candy company has produced at least one version of their treat with peanut butter. While I do enjoy peanut butter with chocolate, I feel like this ingredient is overused. More to the point, I feel like every candy companies figures that peanut butter will always work. This may be true, but judging by this review I think it's not. Peanut butter has a particular flavour and texture and it doesn't always work with everything, and even when it does "work" it has to be used properly. Peanut butter is not just an ingredient you can slap onto every single candy bar and guarantee a winner.

Find out why this week's featured candy doesn't work, even though it has peanut butter.

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